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About Word Counter

Whether or not you're a longtime author or simply another net rambler, we're now all living in the generation of word counts.

From social media character limits to lengthy record necessities in corporate settings, in case you’ve been writing phrases, then you’ve been working with text counts, whether you are aware of it or not.

  1. Twitter used to restriction us to a hundred and forty characters, however later pushed it to 280.
  2. Fb wouldn’t assist you to publish something that is longer than 63,206 characters or even will let you remark the usage of using extra than 8,000 characters.
  3. How approximately Instagram’s 30 hashtags limit? The confined 2, two hundred characters they permit on your Instagram captions will even get truncated after simply 125.
  4. We even pay attention that to your blog post to break into a primary web page ranking on Google, it could have to live north of 1800 phrases.

See? The era of the person is counted limits is actually upon us!

You want to always stay on factor, making sure your content remains in the limits of those applicable platforms… so you don’t unwittingly turn out to be having to reduce or boom your count phrases to and fro just to meet a few necessities.

For that to manifest, you want a text counter device.

But the use of a phrase calculator does more than supporting you count number social media put up characters.

Why use Word Counter - SEO Tool?

Properly, first of all, in case you’re wondering why you must be using a web word Counter tool, then attempt character counter of your content manually. Before you get to line #7, you'll comprehend that the exercising is quite tough, if now not almost irritating.

And besides, who desires to waste precious time counting a prolonged record, when you may easily get help from a tool like ours.