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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker - SEO Tool is wide accustomed to check the first content. you'll find plagiarism by simply copy-pasting the content. Our tool will instantly tell you that the content you have is already taken somewhere on the net or it is the fresh article and safe for you to use.


  1. Generate Reports: Generate reposts at and share it along with your colleagues.
  2. 100% Safe & Secure: Any article you check at is 100% Safe & Secure. we tend to don't save your content.
  3. Keywords Density: Check keywords density in your content, by one word, 2 words and 3 words.
  4. Grammar Checker: Check spell mistakes and additionally errors in your writing designs and your synchronic linguistics.
  5. Compare Text: Compare full text with any matched sources. you'll additionally compare every sentence one by one.
  6. 100% Free Tool we tend to we tend tore attending to build this Tool whole free and currently we created it! you'll check plagiarism free with unlimited searches.

The only limit is on the full variety of words per search. for free of charge users, this limit is one,000 words and it may well be accrued up to five,000 words with any premium set up. If you're unsure what proportion words your documents have, you'll use the SEO Optimizer Tool word count tool to calculate the full variety of words and characters.

How to check for plagiarism?

No rocket science concerned in checking plagiarism. All you've got to try to do is, paste your content that you simply wish to ascertain for plagiarism and click on on the "Check Plagiarism" button. currently, let our on-line scan tool handle the remainder of the items.

Understand the results:

When you can paste your content into the input box, our tool can analyse your full article into tiny sentences of 7-10 words. when parsing sentences, it'll begin checking plagiarism for each sentence and can show leads to the real-time before of you. we tend to aim to produce the simplest anti-plagiarism report for your content.

We respect our user\'s privacy. Any article you check at is 100% safe and secure. we tend to don't share any of your content in public. Also, we tend to don't save your content in our information.


How will our tool check plagiarism?

First Step: The text you enter is scanned sentence by sentence on the search engines i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. there'll be 2 forms of results:

  1. If the sentence that checked already exists on the net, a qui vive can seem and therefore the content is labelled as derived.
  2. If your content is exclusive, an inexperienced alert can seem against that sentence. when a full scan, associate degree overall result can show the individuality of the article.

Second Step:

Keywords Density: Our plagiarism checker tool Calculate the keywords density of your content and provides results for one word, two words, and 3 words long keyword density.

You can additionally check our keyword density checker tool for careful results.

What is Plagiarism?

It is outlined as "the method of repeating information|the info|the information from the net or obtaining someone’s plan so sharing it as your data is termed plagiarism."

It is an extremely undesirable observe and is taken into account as a fraud because it involves immoral activities of stealing the info or plan so lying concerning it. owing to this cheating activity, several software systems have been launched to find plagiarism. the most purpose of victimization plagiarism checker is to scan the cases of the traced knowledge. the web duplicate content checker not solely checks the taken cases of knowledge however it additionally tells the sources of that taken data.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is specially designed for college kids, writers, teacher, and webmasters to ascertain papers, assignments, essays, thesis, and articles. it's the simplest on-line text checker for college kids and webmasters and instructional institutes. With our anti-plagiarism software system, you'll generate on-line reports and share it (all reports ar 100% secure, solely you'll read those reports). Multiple universities and schools named our duplicate content tool as "best free plagiarism checker online".

We at Prepostseo developed this on-line detector for writers to search out originality in their articles to avoid their content to be derived. to form this on-line copy checker quick, we tend to try each technique to enhance the user expertise. This on-line software system not solely scans derived content proportion however it additionally shows you the synchronic linguistics and spells mistakes in your essay, article or assignment. If you would like to check 2 documents for plagiarism you'll use our plagiarism comparison tool.

How to avoid Plagiarism?

If you're a student, author or associate degree author of a magazine you may undoubtedly prefer to submit 100% distinctive articles. Some plagiarism tools check your content once and show you the result for your assignment or no matter you submitted to ascertain plagiarism. however, Prepostseo on-line plagiarism checker is liberal to use and it checks your essay sentence wise and goes through every word.

If you would like to avoid plagiarism for content, there are plenty of how to form your content 100% distinctive and usable. secondly don't attempt to re-write content by victimization online re-writers as a result of those tools would possibly assist you to convey you original content however they'll ruin content synchronic linguistics, spell and genre.

To combat this downside, we've got developed extremely economical article redactor. Our article redactor doesn't solely manufacture original content, however, it additionally keeps your file synchronic linguistics error-free.

What different parameters will we show to form the content better?

Checking plagiarism isn't enough before submitting your article on search engines for travel and ranking. we tend to look out of the remainder of the parameters which will be tested by spiders of Google. as an example, we tend to do keep a watch on keyword density, grammatical and spell mistakes in your paper.

We have developed a synchronic linguistics checker tool for an equivalent purpose for those that want to ascertain synchronic linguistics errors in their article.

Who can use Plagiarism Checker - SEO Tool?

It is utilized by students to ascertain the papers or assignments and build it original by deleting all the derived phrases. Similarly, lecturers additionally use diff checker to check the text of the papers and assignments. SEO specialists are victimization this tool to ascertain their employed freelancers as they have 100% distinctive content from them. business the duplicated knowledge may be a massive crime and to reduce this risk, virtually every web site uses this tool before business the content.

This software system typically contains a box wherever you'll copy-paste the lines or paragraphs that you would like to ascertain for plagiarism. All the derived lines and paragraphs are highlighted in red colour and therefore the proportion of highlighted knowledge will run.

When the method of looking out your content from search engines finished, you'll generate reports to share it along with your teacher, author or along with your author.

Check plagiarism for every article you post

Some bloggers suppose that we can rank on Google programme with a combination of derived content and distinctive content. That’s unfeasible. per new algorithms, Google treats every web content otherwise. It suggests that the page having quality content is rank and therefore the content that's not passed with plagiarism checker won't rank within the search results. Is it robust for you to form distinctive content for your blog/website, right? you'll use our article redactor or paraphrasing tool to come up with new articles quickly.