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There are thousands and thousands of web sites live and operational on the internet. They are hosted and controlled by way of net servers which might be located all over the world. To locate
A website and where it’s being hosted from requires a listing, without which it would be definitely not possible to locate web sites. DNS stands for area name
The machine that's the largest digital database for the net in the global. This database consists of statistics approximately every website in the international. Every
Website and every gadget that comes on the net has an IP cope with that is a digital deal with. The domain call of an internet site is stored together with its IP
Deal with on this database. The records files that tell an internet server the way to reply to a request with the aid of a seeking browser are called DNS records.

How to find DNS Records?

If you want to find DNS records of a domain, you will need to use an SEO tool which will fetch and display these records for you. To do this, go to from your search browser and scroll down the icons till you spot the ‘Find DNS records’ icon and click on it. Or you can go directly to
the tool by copy/pasting in your search browser.

Once you are on the site, type in the domain name of the website whose DNS records you want it to fetch. Press ‘Submit, ‘ and in seconds it will return the
DNS records of the domain. Here you can view all DNS records for a domain. Now you can examine the records and see the IP address listed in the ‘A’ type
record. The list will also contain ‘NS,’ ‘SOA,’ ‘MX’ and ‘TXT’ records.

All this information that is contained in the DNS records is very helpful in knowing the environment in which a domain is operating and all the parameters
associated with it.

You can also do a Google DNS lookup, a DNS whois searches and dig DNS records. In case you need help you can learn how to use lookup to find IP address.